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From : Safa

1. Non-fiction books:

a)A journey into the Deaf-World: Harlan Lane, Robert Hoffmeister & Ben

b)Raising and Educating a Deaf Child: Marc Marschark.

c)Mother Father Deaf: Paul Preston.

d)At Home among Strangers: Jerome D.Schein.

e)Deaf Like Me: Thomas Spradely.

f)A loss for words: Lou Ann Walker.

g) Train Go Sorry: Leah Hager Cohen.

h)A Man without Words: Susan Schaller.

From : Safa

2. ASL dictionaries:

a) American Sign Language Dictionary: Martin L.A Sternberg.

b) American Sign Language Dictionary on CD-ROM : Martin L.A Sternberg

c) Essential ASL: Martin L.A Sternberg.

d) American Sign Language Phrase Book: Lou Fant.